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The agreement will be effective from (November 1st, 2018)

This agreement comprises of the terms & conditions under which Le Pur Organics will offer you easy access to its website & services including its products.  It is the user’s responsibility to read these conditions carefully before executing any action on the website. Please read all the terms & conditions carefully. If any issue or reservation is raised in the future, conflict will be scrutinized in the light of set forth conditions.

User acceptance to these terms & conditions is confirmed after visiting our Le Pur website. You become legally bound by the terms & conditions. If you do not agree with this clause, you have the liberty not to use our website.


  1. Le pur reserves the right to alter or make desired changes in the already written terms & conditions. It is Le Pur’s discretion to amend terms & conditions at any time, or it can inform about changes through email or notice beforehand. Amendments will be automatically effective & binding. User’s consistent visit to Le Pur’s website constitutes the user’s acceptance of the changes.
  2. Services Le Pur ’s, which are available to browse organic products, our blog guides your regrading natural & organic beauty products. Your submission of information to search for products, use our websites bind you to all the terms of the service including all the data provided by you on your consent.
  3. User Information: you provide us with basic & primary information including your name & email address, for the primary purpose of submitting a questionnaire or acquiring newsletter from our company. You are required to provide us with authentic information. You are not allowed to impersonate any other person if you submit an order with us. You may receive our emails regarding thank you or congratulation on becoming a member of Le Pur community. Your detailed information will not be given to any other part, and we will not disclose it. We hold the right to cancel the order or any service at our discretion.
  4. Rights to Use: We grant you to use our site, only to purchase our products & use our services. You are not allowed to modify, copy or use our site for commercial purpose. You will comply with our terms & conditions & use it only for personal use.
  5. Restrictions on rights to use: You are authorized to use your account only in personal capacity. You shall not give your password to site’s information to any other party. You are not allowed to modify, launch automated systems (viruses/offline readers), collect or harvest information, solicit for commercial means, exploit copyrights or use any fraudulent pretenses to create an account.
  6. User Submission: In user submission, you submit to privacy terms and conditions of Le Pur Organics. You are not allowed to misinterpret, defame the company or misuse our services or materials. It is unlawful to use derogatory language or create serious offense. You shall not post any advertisement on our site. We do not support any relation to user expression. Hence we bear no liability for that. We reserve the right to remove user expression, terminate or limit user’s access without prior notice.
  7. Intellectual property Rights: All the products, pictures and content on the website is owned by Le Pur Organics under intellectual property rights and international conventions. Hence, you shall not malign, misuse, distribute or reproduce Le Pur’s content or services in any form.
  8. Copyright Infringement: You must notify the company & follow the instructions given by the company, to report any copyright infringement. If you fail to do so, the company is not responsible for any action or penalty.
  9. Disclaimer: Le Pur organics contains all information about its products & services. However, if you have some reservation or consultation, you can always contact us at our given details. However, we do not guarantee any medical advice. Hence we do not bear any liability on this part. Le Pur Organics is an environmentally friendly brand committed to integrity & authenticity.
  10. Limitations of liability & remedies: We do not promote any self-proclaimed remedies for skincare or related services. Our products do not exceed any amount as prescribed on our website and the customer is liable to pay the price if he/she orders anything from the website. Under no circumstance, Le Pur brand or employees are liable to any damage or issue arising from product use. In case, there is any technical.
  11. Trademark: Using Le Pur products, names or copying comes under property infringement laws. Hence the accused party will have to pay the consequences.
  12. Le Pur has sole discretion to terminate these Terms & Conditions if it wills.  It also holds the right to terminate your use or access to the Site immediately and without prior notice or reason.

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