My Story/Journey

I want to make it clear in the very beginning that, my story is driven by ambition & initiative to introduce a lifestyle influenced by “Green Beauty.” Skincare is just a little part of our lifestyle and the idea to nurture oneself. So, I begin to wonder that it’s my responsibility as a conscious human being to introduce Green Beauty in Pakistan. I have always been a beauty enthusiast, so it was a quest to search for pure & original products free from chemical harshness. I have collected & used products from all around the world.

It is very common among teenager to get “called for” acne, as they struggle through puberty.  While I became prone to acne as I entered adulthood. It is unlikely that people tend to ignore adult acne, despite its severe effects, usually in developing or underdeveloped countries. I got into research due to a personal issue. However, I discovered that people are working in western countries and all over the globe about “green beauty.” My interest was heightened after extensive research. I have always been attracted to fragrances and synthetic treatments, but I soon dwelled into studying the art to make my home-based products.

My passion turned into a profession when I enrolled in the UK based school “Formula Botanica” to study the manufacturing of organic & natural beauty products. The recipes & ingredients were combined with the imagination of one’s aesthetics & inclination. Mine is to extract the essence of natural flowers & herbs and transform them into a piece of art.

The Concept of “Green Beauty”

They say a diamond is nothing but a solid structure until it goes through grilling & sharpening. My journey has been knowledgeable & passion-driven, but it has its hurdles. Due to unavailability of natural ingredients & organic ingredients, I have to import most of my stuff from abroad. The problem is that I have to make innovative & pure products with a limited amount of resources.

I want to spread awareness about pure products made under the banner of green beauty. This movement will lead us back to where we belong, and the answer is Mother Nature.

I aspire to see awareness about original organic products for skin care made under the banner of green beauty. To educate masses about the formulation, ingredients of authentic organic products has become my soul mission. It provides 100% organic experience with skin care products produced through natural ways.

My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from the nature surrounding us with all its surreal & pure experience. I have always associated more with the flowers, calm of blowing greenery across the garden. It is my firm belief that if one needs to spread positivity in any sense, it starts at the individual level. I experimented with various natural and organic products. So, when I decided to create my product, I began with my own family. My supportive friends and family raised my spirits by using my products & providing their honest reviews. The overwhelming response & positive criticism lead me to believe that I can spread my knowledge about green beauty through my product making & consultation. Hence, I am actively participating in conference & lectures aimed to spread awareness regarding skin issues & natural therapies to cure skin problems. I have patiently endured skin situation and waited for positive outcomes. So patience indeed is a virtue, when it comes to natural skincare remedies, as they require time to heal your skin.

It a story of a personal venture to play with potions & prepare new products every single day.

House lab/Kitchen

Magic happens on my family dining table; it is redolence of beautiful fragrances & aromas producing enchanting products. I have turned my kitchen into a personal home lab, to keep in check through constant observation & monitoring. There is precise time to extract the essence of natural products, which needs regular nursing. I have deliberately used the word nursing because I give special attention to every single ingredient & product.

It is very convenient for me to monitor my product after intervals. It also allows me to wake up in the middle of the night and create a new product. I can find my inspiration from a little rose petal, and the next day there will be a rose facial on the table. I cannot stop without creating a final product, and my home-based lab allows me to do my work keeping my products away from all impurities.

I have surrounded myself with a detoxifying atmosphere to feel the real essence of green beauty & organic lifestyle.

Le Pur Team

It is my ambition to create products that have no harmful effect & work perfectly with all skin types. The sound of “one woman army” might seem alluring at first, but I am blessed to have the support of my family. My vision is to create high-end products, even if I have to import ingredients from across the globe.

I have to produce perfect products for my customer. So I give extra attention to the formulation of products, adding pure ingredients and experimenting with various elements. The intricate details of creating products, their formulation & process can only be handled by an expert. My current education concerning organic beauty & green beauty products helps me to follow the prescribed guidelines.

One can never build a dram singlehandedly, so I want to thank my family, supportive friends and every person who poured kinds words my way. It really boosted my spirits to start my own organic brand.

It often occurs that unavailability of ingredients causes stress. It doesn’t stop me, I export my ingredients from all around the world, to provide my customers with high quality & pure products.


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